Thumbs Up believes training and education is an ongoing journey.

This means Emma's dog trainer duties don't stop when she goes home at the end of the day. Emma works diligently with her own beloved pups, helping them to continually grow and improve their skills and abilities.

Emma and Toothless have been working hard on agility, and they are proud to share a video of their very first agility trial on November 6, 2021, at the Saanich Fairgrounds in Victoria, BC!

Toothless and Emma's First Agility Trial

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Blake Rodriguez from Dream Come True K9

Emma & Blake Rodriguez

Achieving Real World Obedience Seminar

Date: July 2019

Location: Maple Valley, Seattle

Training Snippet: "Achieving real world obedience is the perfect blend of understanding the science behind dog behavior, while maintaining a practical, common sense approach that allows people to realize that dog training is not rocket science.  It covers everyday essentials that Blake feels is key to helping to prevent major behavior problems from occurring, while also putting us in a position to address behavior problems with success!  This seminar will teach you how to study/train as a lifestyle (instead of extra time out of your day) in order to be ready to pass the test that everyday life throws at you and your dog."

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Relationship Based Behaviour Modification Workshop with Nelson Hodges

Date: June 2019

Location: Canine – Human Relationship Institute (CHRI) Center, Blue Ridge Texas

Training Snippet: "This three(3) day workshop course is designed to introduce handlers to new concepts of relating to their dogs in the ways that dogs inherently understand... Introductions to canine history, language, senses, and the way dogs think and communicate are covered."

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Emma Tucker & Nelson Hodges

Emma & Nelson Hodges

Emma's Dog Toothless

Emma's Dog Toothless Attended

Shadow Training with Cheri Lucas

Location: Cheri Lucas' Second Chance Ranch, Templeton, California, USA

Training Snippet: "The Mentor program is by far the most intense and thorough training program that Cheri offers. This highly popular program is private and individualized. Cheri evaluates her student’s abilities at the start of the program, and then designs a training protocol based not only on what the student needs to know but where the student wants to go. Students are immersed in Cheri’s world, receiving hands-on training from day one with multiple dogs with a myriad of issues..."

Learn more about shadow training and mentorship programs on Cheri Lucas' website.

Dog Trainer Emma Tucker and mentor Cheri Lucas

Emma Tucker and mentor Cheri Lucas

Lucas Agnew Workshop: Raw Intuitive Talent - The Missing Link

Date: March 31 - April 2, 2017

Location: Cheri Lucas' Second Chance Ranch, Templeton, California, USA

Workshop Snippet: "This is not your average workshop... Our goal is to teach you to view the dog’s issues through the dog’s eyes, so that training becomes second nature to you. Almost automatic. In other words, we enable and empower you to develop Raw Intuitive Talent... Any relationship, whether human or canine, has to have a solid and healthy foundation: one built on trust and communication." 

Want to learn more about this workshop? Visit the Lucas Agnew website.

Dog Trainer Emma Tucker

Training at the Second Chance Ranch

dog trainers Brian Agnew & Cheri Lucas

Emma with Brian Agnew & Cheri Lucas


K9 Lifeline 3D Workshop: Dealing with Difficult Dogs

Date: 2016

Location: K9 Lifeline in Draper, Utah, USA

Workshop Snippet: "... We will work on ways of improving the retrieve and how problems can be minimized and overcome. The aim is to teach and demonstrate  the approaches to building a strong relationship and ‘want to’ in a dog by including retrieve training and exercises in the training program.  Training, Exercise, Relationship, Reward and Fun – Retrieving.  Make a training session pleasurable with retrieving and also develop the foundation for a working and competition dog..."

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Emma training a steer at K9 Lifeline

If you can handle a steer, you can handle a dog!

K9 Lifeline dog trainers

An unconventional pack walk

K9 3D Workshop Training

K9 Lifeline 3D Workshop Complete!


K9 Lifeline Shadow Program with Heather Beck

Date: 2016

Location: K9 Lifeline in Draper, Utah, USA

Program Snippet: "...K9 Lifeline is focused on teaching how to work with dogs with behavioral issues.  You will watch K9 Lifeline throughout their daily activities, including consultations with clients and their dogs, working with dogs at K9 Lifeline for Board and Train, and working with their own pack of dogs.  You will also spend a lot of hands on time with dogs learning how to work with problem dogs in a safe, but effective manner..."

Learn about what K9 Lifeline Shadow Program entails.

Training Cesar's Way: Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training

Date: February 2015

Location: Dog Psychology Center, Santa Clarita, California, USA

Program Snippet: "Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I is a five-day, hands-on course designed and taught by Cesar Millan, based on his unique gifts and insights into dog behavior and psychology. You will learn what you need to know to have a balanced, fulfilled dog and to be the best Pack Leader you can be."

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renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan

Emma with renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan

Emma Tucker Dog Trainer

Emma with Michelle of Connective Training



Certificate in Animal Training and Enrichment from the Animal Behavior Institute
Animal Communication Level 1 with Georgina Cyr
1-Year Apprenticeship with Connective Training