Teaching kids to be calm & confident dog walkers

Kids can be pack leaders, too!

Dog trainer Emma will take your dog and child out on a training walk, and teach your child how to be a cool, collected and confident dog walker through leadership, dog pyshcology, body language, and preventative safety to avoid dangerous situations with dogs.

Your child will learn how to become a true pack leader and develop a solid relationship with your dog. 

This class is only for balanced dogs with absolutely no agression.

If you aren't certain whether your dog is right for this program, you can bring them out to a Community Dog Walk for an assessment, free of charge. You can also schedule an evaluation for $25.00 if you can't make a Community Dog Walk.

No dog? No worries! If your child loves dogs and wants to try this class Emma can bring a well-balanced, loving dog that is great for this program.

Length: 45-minutes to an hour

Price: $30.00 plus tax

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Kid Dog Walker Program