Build a better relationship with your dog in just 8 weeks

Please note there are no upcoming dates for group classes.



Dog Classes are taught in a group atmosphere over an 8-week span.

Group classes are for adult dogs 8 months and up (puppies have their own training packages!). Emma teaches proper dog nutrition, dog psychology, effective communication, obedience, and much more. Classes provide a safe environment to practice training without judgment or distractions.



Dog classes are for everyone - even reactive dogs.

If your dog has behavioral issues, we simply ask you contact Emma to discuss your dog's behavior and needs prior to attending class. Your dog may require an evaluation.



Want to sign up?

If you are a new client please fill out an online Waiver Agreement and a Dog Training Intake Form.

If you're an existing client, you can quickly book your spot online.

Dog classes Victoria BC
Classes cover:

Leash handling

Place work




Holistic nutrition

Preventing problem behaviours


What are group classes like?

We practice sitting and staying...

We establish a leader...


We walk with confidence...


We politely socialize...