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Dog Training

Private Dog Training

For dogs and owners who want to master their goals.

Thumbs Up private dog training sessions cater to your dog's individual needs and communication style.

Head trainer Emma works one-on-one with you and your pooch to adjust behavior, master obedience, or tackle customized goals.

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Puppy Training

Start young to build a foundation for success!

Make sure your puppy starts off on the right foot (er, paw!).  All our puppy packages are for dogs 8 months and under.

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Group Classes

You'll be amazed at what 8 weeks can do.

Thumbs Up group classes are 8 weeks long and cover a range of topics including leash handling, preventing problem behaviours, place work, and more.

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Kid Walk Program

Kids can be pack leaders, too!

Our Kid Walk Program is designed for kids who love dogs and want to be able to walk them with ease and confidence.

If you don't have a dog, or your dog isn't ready to train with your child, we can bring a Thumbs Up pooch! 

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